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Vortrag: Technology Assessment: Tricks or Treaties?

Joint ventures between global IT corporations and agribusiness and pharmaceutical giants have followed upon the recent mega-mergers connecting digital DNA and digital surveillance technologies, especially in agriculture. What to do?

From Left to Right there is a growing sense among academics, regulatory agencies and civil society that technology-driven corporate concentration has gone too far and that significant changes are essential. Should those changes take place at the national or EU level?… Or in the form of a UN Treaty? Some CSOs are talking regionally about establishing Technology Assessment Platforms lead by social movements. What are the priorities and what are the risks and opportunities? Pat Mooney, a Canadian co-founder of ETC Group will discuss his recent research and proposals for a way forward. Moderated by Lili Fuhr of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and ETC Group board member.


Tag: 17.11.2018
Anfangszeit: 18:00
Dauer: 00:30
Track: Daten & Umwelt
Sprache: en



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