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Sprecher*innen: Electronics Watch

Electronics Watch is an independent monitoring organisation that helps public sector organisations to work together to ensure respect for labour rights and safety standards in their ICT hardware supply chains.

Electronics Watch envisions a world in which the rights of all workers in the electronics supply chain are respected, workers’ voices are heard, and working conditions are safe and decent.

The mission of Electronics Watch is to help public sector organisations work together and collaborate with local monitoring partners to protect the labour rights and safety of workers in their electronics supply chains.

Public procurement could and should be a force for workers’ rights and safety in factories that make the goods public institutions buy.

Electronics Watch public sector affiliates already span seven countries and include more than 200 public organisations that together influence a market of nearly €1 billion through direct purchasing and framework agreements.

We monitor working conditions eight countries – with this the most important production locations for electronics are in our focus.

Using worker-driven monitoring, guided by workers’ needs and priorities, Electronics Watch detects problems in factories that workers experience, but of which companies and social auditors are often unaware.