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Sprecher*innen: The Glassroom Experience

Do you feel your digital self is slipping out of control? Clicked “I agree” too many times?
Have you ever wondered if your smart gadgets know more about you than you do?
Visit the Glass Room Experience, a pop up exhibition on Data and Privacy.

The Glass Room Experience is an eye-catching, self-learning installation on data and privacy.
The exhibit is visually striking and can adapt to most spaces. Generally, visitors browse the exhibits for between 5 to 15 minutes. It works as a stand-alone installation – all the exhibits have simple explanations. But it works even better if there is one or more people on hand as “Data Detox Baristas” to explain the exhibit or give tips and advice on online privacy.

The Glass Room Experience consists of
Two tablet apps – the Fake or Real game and The Internet you Don’t See – displayed on
three tablets with their own table surround.
Video Loops of our animations and The Glass Room trailer, that can be displayed on TV monitors
Visualisations on large laminated card based on Glass Room objects: The Alphabet Empire and The Zuckerberg House
The Data Day poster showing the terms and con- ditions of online services we use throughout the day – this can also be printed out at a smaller size for visitors to take away
A new giant visualisation explaining facial recogition – The Real Life of Your Selfie
A Data Detox Bar, where visitors can take away a Data Detox Kit: